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3 months post-op (2nd operation)

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1 month post-op (2nd operation)

my scoliosis journey

I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis with an s-curve measuring at 21 degrees, at age 7.

At age 11, with growing curvatures of 55 & 35 degrees, I started wearing the SpineCor soft back brace and used the Shroth breathing & exercise technique along with pilates to combat my curve. I worked with Dr Deutchman at the NYC office. I wore the brace until age 14.

At age 15, I underwent my first spinal fusion & de-rotation surgery. The surgery was done by renowned spinal surgeon Dr Max Aebi in Bern, Switzerland. My curvatures went from 65 & 45 to 40 & 25 degrees. I wore a corrective brace for 2 months post-op.

Over the next year, I did water-based physical therapy to keep my correction in place. However, my spine shifted drastically, and my curvatures remained at 85 & 65 degrees until my next surgery. 

At age 19, I underwent my second spinal fusion & de-rotation surgery, where my hardware was removed and replaced and an attempt was made to shift my ribcage into place. The surgery was done by Dr Baron Lonner at Mount Sinai in NYC. The surgery was a success, and my curvatures went from 85 & 65 degrees to 55 & 35 degrees with a significant rib hump decrease.

I am currently 3 years post-op and do not wear a back brace. I do scoliosis-based yoga daily to maintain my correction!


pre-op (2nd operation)


pre-op (2nd operation)

pre-op (2nd operation)

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post-op (first operation)

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pre & post-op

x-rays (first operation)

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