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graphic design

Social media branding, logo design, typography, illustration and product design over the years. 

come 'round again cover art

Cover art for musical artist Nate Cutshall's debut single Come 'Round Again. See animation reel for clips from video. 


commission artwork

Caricature, artwork and concept created in June 2O22.

her studio NY logo design

Concept and typography logo for female owned creative agency Her Studio NY, created for website and social media use. 


holiday card

Holiday card artwork, typography and concept created in December 2O21.

concept for invisible friends

Concept for the play Invisible Friends by Alan Ayckbourn.

invisible friends-1.jpg

yeti logo

Yeti logo created for social media use in January 2O22. 

3Oth birthday party invitation

Concept, artwork, typography and caricature created in September 2O2O.


themed resumé

Themed resumé for LoveShackNancy including typography layout, artwork and illustration.


maraschino cherries label

Product label created for a graphic design course at Parsons School of Design.


winsor & newton ink box design

Top 1O finalist from the Winsor & Newton ink box packaging design competition, titled "inkblotchworld." Displayed at the Griffin Gallery in London for 2 weeks. 

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